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Qwingo for Players

Play with friends and motivate yourself with a ranking. Collect match results and discuss them online. Maybe professional clubs and scouts become aware of you. Start now with the free basic version.
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Qwingo for Coaches

The Qwingo value shows the strength of single players in variuos forms of training. It provides a guideline to consolidate or to question subjective impressions. It shows the current performance level of single players and can be used demonstrably to strengthen the motivation and intensity of training actions. Start now with the free basic version.
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Qwingo for Scouts

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With an intelligent method, Qwingo calculates the strengths of teams and players of professional sports! The Qwingo value provides a statistical sound benchmark of the performance of teams and players. The Qwingo values serve our customers and partners in generating content, media, as well as for professional scouting.
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